Chase A Crooked Shadow

United Kingdom – 1958 – black and white

Direction: Michael Anderson | Screenplay: David D. Osborn, Charles Sinclair | Cinematography: Erwin Hillier | Editing: Gordon Pilkington | Soundtrack: Matyas Seiber |
Cast: Richard Todd, Anne Baxter, Herbert Lom, Alexander Knox, Faith Brook | Production: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Thomas Clyde | Runtime: 88’

At Kimberley Prescott's villa, a stranger shows up and claims he is her brother who supposedly died the previous year in a car accident.

Michael Anderson
Filmography (selective)
Around The World In 80 Days (1956)
Shake Hands With The Devil (1959)
The Naked Edge (1961)
The Quiller Memorandum (1966)
Logan’s Run (1976)
Dominique (1979)
Millennium (1989)



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