The Last Performance

Greece – 2021 – color

Direction: Sergios Rizos | Screenplay: Sergios Rizos | Cinematography: Theodoros Rizos | Camera Operator: Alexis Gliptis | Editing: Sergios Rizos | Soundtrack: Sergios Rizos | Cast: Theofilos Manologlou, Danai Kaliora, Barbara Douka | Production Design: Theodoros Rizos | Runtime: 15’

December 22, 1986
Two sisters, dancers, return from a show. In the back seat of the car, there is a small child. A fatal moment will mark his life forever.

35 years later
In an ordinary moment of his daily life, a pianist, while looking for a forgotten melody, digs up traumatic memories of the past. He is 44 years old and blind. In the submerged darkness, an empty frame in the hands of the hero, takes us back in time. It leads him to the haunted, forgotten melody and brings him out of the darkness in a lyrical and unexpectedly liberating way. The trauma, miraculously, becomes one with the keys of the black piano and leads to cleansing. There is a melodic journey to the light, a journey into the spotlight of the last performance.


Η Τελευταία Παράσταση