Nobody Loses Forever

Greece – 2000 – color

Director: Dionisis Grigoratos | Screenwriter: Dionisis Grigoratos | Cinematography: Lefteris Pavlopoulos | Editing: Spiros Kokkas | Soundtrack: Yannis Spiropoulos | Cast: Alberto Eskenazy, Maria Protopappa, Argyris Xafis | Producers: Dionisis Grigoratos, Dionisis Samiotis | Runtime: 123’

In a port that is in danger of ecological disaster, in the cemetery of ships, a man and a woman are involved in a case with radioactive waste. Everything looks marginal, the sea water has rotted and the cloud is permanently installed above the city. Toula is looking for her husband, a missing sailor in a shipwreck, who is rumored to have transported toxic waste on behalf of a well-known multinational group. Thus begins a search in the ship cemetery. Danger acts as a catalyst, revelations and upheavals come one after another…

*The film was nominated for the Green Film prize at Cairo International Film Festival.

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