The Rumble of the World

Greece – 2021– color and black and white

Direction: Petros Sevastikoglou | Screenplay: Petros Sevastikoglou | Cinematography: Petros Sevastikoglou | Editing: Christos Giannakopoulos | Music: The Prefabricated Quartet | Cast: Martha Lampiri, Io Latoussaki, Vassilis Boutsikos, Vassya Berezin, Asya Rechnaya, Wei Xun, Wang Na, Zhang Guangxin, Tian Xiaoyu, Youri Bernandez, Omar Fall | Production: Stella Theodorakis, Thanos Anastopoulos, Petros Sevastikoglou, ERT, Greek Film Center, Fantasia Audiovisual | Runtime: 84’

Greece, Russia, USA, Brazil, China, Senegal. Meeting young people in these countries we heard a "Rumble" foretelling an impending explosion. The fall of communism, crisis of capitalism, ecological catastrophes, migration waves, globalization. The new generation is at the forefront, exposed, helpless without being able to envision a more optimistic future. This "Rumble" comes from this young generation. Their words, images, sounds and music compose the notes of an audio-visual symphony entitled: "The Rumble of the World".
*The film was selected for 62nd Thessaloniki International Film Festival
Petros Sevastikoglou
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