Troubled Minds

Latvia – 2021 – color

Direction: Raitis Abele & Lauris Abele | Screenplay: Raitis Abele & Lauris Abele | Cinematography: Marcis Abele | Editing: Armands Zacs | Cast: Toms Auninš, Marcis Lacis, Daniela Vetra, Juris Zagars, Darta Danevica, Marija Skangale | Production: Kristele Pudane, Raitis Abele, Roberts Vinovskis | Runtime: 108’

Brothers Robert and Martin are a month away from their largest art exhibition. To get creative juices flowing, Martin locks himself in a black cube. Once out, brothers fall into a wild rollercoaster of events existing on the very edge of the chaos. The film examines the thin line between the artist’s creativity and mental troubles.

Raitis Abele & Lauris Abele
Baltic Tribes | Last Pagans of Europe (2018)

Troubled Minds