North Macedonia/Kosovo/Montenegro – 2021 – color

Direction: Dina Duma | Screenplay: Dina Duma, Martin Ivanov | Cinematography: Naum Doksevski | Editing: Martin Ivanov | Music: Igor Vasilev – Novogradska | Cast: Antonija Belazelkoska, Mia Giraud | Production: Marija Dimitrova, Liridon Cahani, Biljana Vusovic, Guillaume De Seille | Runtime: 90’

Teenagers Maya and Jana are inseparable and do everything together. Headstrong Jana usually takes the lead and Maya follows. One night at a party they catch Elena, the most popular girl in school, having sex on video with Maya’s long term crush. Jana convinces Maya to post the video and when it goes viral, Elena’s life is ruined. A heated confrontation between the three girls leaves Elena missing and Maya wanting to go to the police…but that isn’t what Jana wants. Maya becomes her new target and must find the courage to get out of her toxic relationship and the secret that threatens to ruin her life.

*East of West award nomination at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

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