REM Rapid Eye Movement

Greece – 2021 – color and black and white

Direction: Karolos Zonaras | Screenplay: Karolos Zonaras | Cinematography: Francesca Zonars, Karolos Zonaras | Editing: Eleni Toya | Music: Bella Bartòk, Gyorgy Kurtág, Karl Hartman, Stamatis Kraounakis, Friederich Händel, Avro Pärt | Cast: Dimitris Kitsos, Katia Leclerk O’Wallis, Natasa Exintaveloni, Manos Pintzis | Production: Katia Leclerk O’Wallis, Zonaras Productions | Runtime: 77’

Two couples of different ages get involved with each other: The younger ones see the deadlocks of the older ones as a gloomy possibility, while the older ones are “renewed” but also immersed even deeper into their own deadlocks. Time does not go back, mistakes are not corrected, and relationships end up cannibalistic.

*Participation at 62nd Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Karolos Zonaras
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