Italy – 2021 – color

Direction: Alessandro Cassigoli & Casey Kauffman | Screenplay: Alessandro Cassigoli, Casey Kauffman, Vanessa Picciarelli | Cinematography: Emanuele Pasquet | Editing: Alessandro Cassigoli | Music: Giorgio Giampa | Cast: Khadija Jaafari, Ikram Jaafari, Marilena Amato, Fatima Ramouch, Simona Petrosino, Emanuele Palumbo | Production: Ang Film, RAI Cinema, Damiano Ticconi | Runtime: 81’

The film tells the story of Jamila, and intimately studies the radical changes in her body, and in her desires and goals. Filmed over a five-year time frame, “Californie” is the poetic and engaging depiction of the extent to which apparently irrelevant decisions determine the future of an individual poised between making it and succumbing to hardships.

*2 nominations at Venice Film Festival (Giornate degli Autori award and Label Europa Cinemas award)

Alessandro Cassigoli & Casey Kauffman
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Californie photo