About Vassilis

Greece – 1986 – color

Direction: Stavros Tsiolis | Screenplay: Stavros Tsiolis, Hristos Vakalopoulos, Konstantinos Tzoumas | Cinematography: Vassilis Kapsouros | Editing: Kostas Iordanidis | Cast: Tasos Denegris, Katerina Tsioli, Konstantinos Tzoumas, Loukia Pistiola, Eva Vlahakou, Hristos Vakalopoulos | Production: Stavros Tsiolis | Runtime: 80’

A middle-aged sociology professor quits his job, leaves his family and lives in a secluded home. His only motive to keep going seems to be his desire to find an unknown woman who appears in a photograph.

Stavros Tsiolis
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