Please, Ladies, Don’t Cry…

Greece – 1992 – color

Direction: Stavros Tsiolis and Hristos Vakalopoulos | Screenplay: Stavros Tsiolis and Hristos Vakalopoulos | Cinematography: Vassilis Kapsouros | Editing: Kostas Iordanidis
Soundtrack: Makis Bekos | Cast: Argyris Bakirtzis, Makis Bekos, Dimitris Vlahos, Dora Masklavanou, Nikolaos Kekos, Emily Papahristou | Production: Stavros Tsiolis, Giannis Gavrilos | Runtime: 89’

A village in Arcadia invites a "famous" icon painter and his assistant, Theofanis and Theodosios, to restore the worn-out murals in an historic church. Theofanis is an amateur astronomer, and Theodosis is involved in various scams. A pure young girl is apprenticed to them. The villagers flock to the church calling them saints, but in reality they are two minor con artists, who falsely philosophize, observe with their telescope the curves of the women and organize a false auction. With the arrival of winter, the miracles end, and the "cobblers realize they should stick to their last.

*The film won 2 awards (Best Director, Best Screenplay) at Thessaloniki Film Festival in 1992.

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