Such a Long Absence

Greece – 1985 – color

Direction: Stavros Tsiolis | Screenplay: Stavros Tsiolis | Cinematography: Giorgos Arvanitis | Editing: Kostas Iordanidis | Soundtrack: Stamatis Spanoudakis | Cast: Pemi Zouni, Dimitra Hatoupi, Minas Hatzisavas, Zaharias Rohas, Konstantinos Tzoumas, Betty Valasi | Production: Stavros Tsiolis, Giorgos Arvanitis, Ageliki Arvaniti | Runtime: 84’

With her catatonic older sister, Alexandra, smitten by an unjust fate and confined to a bed, Ageliki becomes her guardian angel. More and more, as the unresponsive woman gets trapped in a silent world, Alexandra's family, her aunts, and especially, her cruel mother, strongly believe that, under those circumstances, a public mental institution is now the only solution. But, when they finally succeed in locking Alexandra away in a psychiatric hospital, Ageliki summons up the courage to rebel and to take matters into her own hands. Can Ageliki alone defend their already fragile freedom?

*The film won 3 awards (Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography) at Thessaloniki Film Festival in 1985

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