Love Under the Date-Tree

Greece – 1990 – color

Direction: Stavros Tsiolis | Screenplay: Stavros Tsiolis | Cinematography: Vassilis Kapsouros | Editing: Kostas Iordanidis | Soundtrack: Pavlos Papadopoulos, Stamatis Spanoudakis | Cast: Argyris Bakirtzis, Lazaros Andreou, Dora Masklavanou, Vina Asiki, Hristos Vakalopoulos, Vicky Psaltidou | Production: Stavros Tsiolis, Alekos Papageorgiou | Runtime: 84’
Panagiotis and Giannis are two good friends but also rivals in love. The first is a merchant and the second a violinist; one is tall and slim and the other short and fat; one is bossy, the other one mild. Both make an inimitable comic couple, wandering in the Peloponnese, looking for a date tree that will prove the innocence or guilt of the wife of one of them and possibly lover of the other. They are guided by an old picture depicting Panagiotis' wife, Maria, in the arms of Giannis, under a date tree. However, the area of their search, there are no date trees.

*The film won 2 awards (Best Film, Best Actor) at Thessaloniki Film Festival in 1990

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