Invincible Lovers

Greece – 1988 – color

Direction: Stavros Tsiolis | Screenplay: Stavros Tsiolis | Cinematography: Vasilis Kapsouros | Cast: Tasos Miliotis, Olia Lazaridou, Konstantinos Tzoumas, Maria Panoutsou, Dimitra Voulgaridi | Production: Stavros Tsiolis, Alekos Papageorgiou | Runtime: 80’

Determined to reunite with his grandmother, twelve-year-old Vasilis summons up the courage to run away from the orphanage. As the boy meanders through the bustling streets of Athens like a fish out of water, as one thing leads to another, he ends up aboard a train bound for Tripoli. Then, a chance encounter with a young woman in distress, stranded somewhere in the rugged mountainous region of Arcadia, will pave the way for an unexpected but equally beneficial alliance and an endless summer road trip in a beat-up jalopy. But, more than anything in the world, Vasilis wants to return home. Is that too much to ask?

*The film won 3 awards (Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography) at Thessaloniki Film Festival in 1988

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