34th Panorama of European Cinema

The 34th Panorama took place online on the CINESQUARE platform, from 27/1 to 2/2/2022, with free access to a total of 34 films and tributes to Greek and European cinema. This year's program included the established International Competition Section, tributes to the Bad Girls of Film Noir, and director Stavros Tsiolis, special screenings and short films

The following are prizes of the competing films of the Competition Section selected by the juries of the Festival, with a detailed reasoning of each prize.





*with the support of Greek Film Centre -

a cash prize of 1,500 euros is given to the winning film

Jury Members

Maria Zorba (actress)
Tonis Lykouresis (director)
Vassilis Mazomenos (director)

The Greek Film Prize,

accompanied by a cash prize of 1500 euros from the Greek Film Centre,

is given to the film:


by Petros Haralambous



The Jury’s thoughts on the film
The jury of the 34th Panorama of European Cinema, consisting of actress Maria Zorba, director Tonis Lykouresis and director Vassilis Mazomenos, congratulates all the directors and actors of the films of the competition program. At a time when the objective conditions, but also the change of the audiovisual landscape, create additional difficulties in the productions, the auteur's cinema not only survives but constantly shows new strengths. The Commission names as Best Greek Film, after a 2-1 voting, the film "Patchwork" by Petros Haralambous, for the perfection of its production and the promotion of a contemporary theme of the Cypriot, and not only, society, with the emergence of a set of exceptional actors.

The Commission also gives a special mention to Petros Sevastikoglou and his film "The Rumble of the World", for its anthropocentric look and the questions it raises about the power of the cinematic medium.



Βραβείο Διεθνούς Ένωσης Κριτικών Κινηματογράφου 1


Jury Members

Gena Teodosievska (North Macedonia)
- "Vitraz" (Culture and Art weekly TV magazine)
- "FILM+" (monthly film magazine)

Katharina Dockhorn (Germany)
- "Rheinpfalz" (daily online)
- "Tip.de" (online)
- "Film & TV Kameramann" (monthly)

Ifigenia Kalantzi (Greece)
- "Dromos Tiw Aristeras" (weekly newspaper)

The FIPRESCI Prize is given to the film

"Ma nuit" (My Night)
by Antoinette Boulat

The Jury’s thoughts on the film

The director's virtue to create the character of a young girl trapped in the sadness of her daily life, due to the tragic loss of her sister, is developing in parallel into a vivid portrait of today’s youth who wants to be recognized as unique, original and different, while troubled by existential and ecological concerns, for a dubious future. The fluid camera between realism and documentary slips from the young faces into an unpredictable harsh reality, while Paris by night is portrayed with the same intimacy of bold and fearless teenagers, between reality, cruelty, patience and solidarity. This film "dances" us to the rhythm of wise answers and smiles, but also to the kindness of strangers, who in the magical moment of a summer night, can be so close to us.





(consisting of Athinorama Magazine Readers')

Sofia Linospori
Evi Papagiani
Eleni Tzanatou

The Audience Prize is given to the film:

by Dina Duma

The Jury’s thoughts on the film

“Sisterhood” film, Dima Duma's first feature-length directing effort, is the choice of Athinorama Readers' Jury. Rich, topical, tough but tender at the same time, it captures with a cool look the issue of girls' sexual awakening, and the delicate balances in a society where both teenagers and adults are looking for their place. The story is presented with a characteristic economy of speech and images, and lighting that follows the psychological transitions of the characters, while the editing gives the film a rhythm that turns it into an informal thriller, with social media as a "battlefield". There are some excellent performances by (amateurs) Antoniha Belazelkoska and Mia Giraud, as well as the photography by Naum Doksevski.



34th-Panorama-poster1The Festival took place Under the Auspices and with the Financial Support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and with the support of City of Athens Cultural, Sport & Youth Organization (OPANDA).

Special thanks to FIPRESCI, the GREEK FILM CRITICS ASSOCIATION(PEKK), as well as to NEW YORK COLLEGE for the cooperation and synergies, but also to all the Media Sponsors of the Festival, for their valuable contribution.

See you in November 2022, for the celebration of 35 years of the Festival, hoping that this time our meeting will take place in cinema theaters!

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