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International Competition Section

A selection of European films by acclaimed as well as new coming directors that have drawn attention during the past year but have not yet secured distribution in Greece.

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We present you two more tributes:

 “A Second Viewing” Tribute - Greek films that did not get the distribution they deserved

and a short tribute to Takis Kanellopoulos' work.

 "A Second Viewing"

Greek films that did not get the distribution they deserved.

"Takis Kanellopoulos: Defining his Time"

A short tribute to Takis Kanellopoulos' work.

Do it Yourself

Dimitris Tsilifonis - Greece - 2017 - col.

Norway (Νορβηγία)

Yannis Veslemes - Greece - 2014 - col.

In between dying (Sepelenmis Ölümler Arasinda)

Hilal Baydarov - Azerbaijan, Mexico, USA - 2020 - col.

Stories From The Chestnut Woods (Zgodbe iz kostanjevih gozdov)

Gregor Bozic - Slovenia - 2019 - col.

The Domain (A Herdade)

Tiago Guedes - Portugal, France - 2019 - col.


Wednesday 25/11 to Friday 4/12

will be held online for the first time

through CINESQUARE platform



This year's 33rd edition will take place online and for free,

making the festival more accessible to a wider audience.


As every year the programme of the Panorama includes the

International Competition Section as well as selected thematic tributes.

The full programme of the Festival will be gradually announced in the following days.


Today, we give you a first taste of this year's programme presenting two tributes:

"PARADISE IN THE WEST?" - Migration as seen through the eyes of Greek Directors

and a short Tribute to Eric Rohmer's work celebrating the 100th anniversary from his birth.

"Eric Rohmer: The anatomist of human relationships"

A short tribute to Eric Rohmer's work

celebrating the 100th anniversary from his birth.

"Paradise In The West?"

Μigration as seen through the eyes of Greek Directors Tribute.


Forever (Για Πάντα)

Margarita Manda - Greece - 2014 - col.

Forget Me Not

Yannis Fagras - Greece - 2014 - col.

Hail Arcadia (Αρκαδία Χαίρε)

Filippos Koutsaftis - Greece - 2015 - col.


Elias Demetriou - Greece - 2015 - col.

Onslaught (Risalto / Ρισάλτο)

Vasilis Vafeas - Greece - 2016 - b&w

Lines (Γραμμές)

Vasilis Mazomenos - Greece - 2016 - col.

Daniel '16 (Ντάνιελ '16)

Dimitris Koutsiabasakos - Greece - 2020 - col.

Dolce fine giornata (Słodki koniec dnia)

Jacek Borcuch - Poland - 2019 - col.


Georgis Grigorakis - Greece, France - 2020 - col.

Three Steps (Τρία βήματα)

Vassilis Dimopoulos - Greece - 2020 - col.

Jasmine (Γιασεμί)

Violeta Kyriakou - Greece - 2020 - col.

Father's advice (Πατρική Συμβουλή)

Lydia Tsenta - Greece - 2020 - col.

Kiss (Φιλί)

Kostas Balomenos, Azia Gonianaki, Kyriakos Makromallis,

Vaggelis Mitsioulis, Penny Theodosiou, Rinela Verikokaki - Greece - 2020 - col.

Panorama of European Cinema, the longest-running film festival in Athens,

returns with its 33rd edition, online and for free, for the first time! The Festival will be held from Wednesday 25/11 to Friday 4/12.


A brief greeting from the Artistic Director of the Festival

Ninos-Fenek Mikelides:

"This year, Panorama of European Cinema, the only festival in Athens that is mostly dedicated to the recent -as well as older- achievements of European and Greek cinema, celebrates its 33rd anniversary. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year's Panorama will be held online, making the festival more accessible to a wider audience.
In these tough times for world cinema – with COVID-19 upending the global film industry, halting film production, and closing cinemas- this year, the festival places its focus on Greek cinema, which has always been, and continues to be, an essential part of its events. European cinema and special tributes are an integral part of this year's programme as well, staying consistent to our festival's artistic tendency and tradition. The full festival programme will be announced shortly, and we are sure it will attract your interest."

Ninos-Fenek Mikelides
Director of Panorama of European Cinema

Worlds apart (Ένας άλλος κόσμος)

Christopher Papakaliatis - Greece - 2015 - col.


Spectres are haunting Europe (Φαντάσματα πλανιούνται πάνω από την Ευρώπη)

Maria Kourkouta, Niki Giannari - Greece, France - 2016 - col.

Amerika Square (Πλατεία Αμερικής)

Yannis Sakaridis - Greece, UK, Germany - 2016 - col.

From the Snow (Από το χιόνι)
Sotiris Goritsas - Greece - 1993 - col.


Angeliki Antoniou - Greece, Germany - 2006 - col.

Yellow Cat (Sary mysyq)

Adilkhan Yerzhanov - Kazakhstan, France - 2020 - col.

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