FAQ on connecting to cinesquare

1. Clear your Web Browser's cache.

This is not a question, but the answer to most of the problems you may encounter. Especially if you registered or accesed any Panorama pages on Cinesquare before the official start of the festival. This is the first action to take, if you encounter any problem.

Instructions for Firefox: in Greek - in English

Insructions for Chrome: in Greek - in English

2. I have registered, but I cannot connect to the platform.

  • Make sure that you have activated your account, by following the link that cinesquare emailed to you when you registered.
  • Make sure that your Password is correct. Use Reset Password and change your Password.
  • Only numbers and letters a-z (uppercase and lowercase) are valid for your Username and Password. If you used anything else
    • in your Password: Use Reset Password to reset your Password.
    • in your Username: Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the Subject: Please delete my account in Panorama Festival. When they acknowledge that the deletion is done, register again - this time using valid characters only.

3. The player starts, but it does not display the film.

Your network is not allowing the video traffic. Probably a firewall is blocking this traffic. Contact your network administrator.

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