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Wednesday 25/11 to Friday 4/12

will be held online for the first time

through CINESQUARE platform



This year's 33rd edition will take place online and for free

making the festival more accessible to a wider audience.


On the day of their screening the films will be available starting

from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the morning of the following day.


Details about the access to the platform CINESQUARE (

will be announced in the following days.




You can find here the Screening Schedule

of the 33rd Panorama of European Cinema.


Today, we present you the films that will compete in this year's International Competition Section & the Juries

as well as the last two tributes for this year's 33rd edition of the Festival:

"1821 and the Wars of Independence" - Revolutions and Struggles for Independence in films.

"Post-Apocalyptic Images of an Uncertain Future", a future which, often, the cinema has painted with scary images,

in films that create chills but also questions and thoughts about life itself and its essence.


International Competition Section


The International Competition Section of the Panorama of European Cinema

is comprised of a selection of European films by acclaimed as well as new coming directors

that have drawn our attention during the past year but have not yet secured distribution in Greece.


These are the films that will compete in this year's International Competition Section:



Daniel '16 (Ντάνιελ '16) - Dimitris Koutsiabasakos

Digger - Georgis Grigorakis

Dolce fine giornata (Słodki koniec dnia) - Jacek Borcuch

In between dying (Sepelenmis Ölümler Arasinda) - Hilal Baydarov

Listen - Ana Rocha de Sousa

Senior Citizen (Πολίτης τρίτης ηλικίας) - Marinos Kartikkis

Stories From The Chestnut Woods (Zgodbe iz kostanjevih gozdov) - Gregor Bozic

The Domain (A Herdade) - Tiago Guedes

The Last Ones (Viimeiset) - Veiko Õunpuu

Who Will be Eaten (Ποιος, ποιος θα φαγωθεί) - Elpiniki Voutsa-Rentzepopoulou

Yellow Cat (Sary mysyq) - Adilkhan Yerzhanov





International Panorama Jury

The International Panorama Jury presents the Award for Best Film

Elia Suleiman

Valeria Golino

Alberto La Monica


Greek Panorama Jury

Greek Panorama Jury presents the Award for Best Greek Film

accompanied by a 1000-euro cash prize - offered by the Greek Film Centre.

Yannis Fagras

Penny Panayotopoulou

Vasilis Mazomenos


International Federation of Film Critics Jury (FIPRESCI)

International Federation of Film Critics Jury (FIPRESCI) presents


Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Sharon Hurst

Yannis Raouzeos


Athinorama Magazine Readers' Jury

Athinorama Magazine Readers' Jury presents the Athinorama Magazine Reader's Award.






"The future, as long as cinema is concerned, is not just aliens who come to destroy our planet. It is also a look at a future not so far away, a future not so optimistic, based on what we build today, or to be just, on what we destroy today. A future where climate change, overpopulation, the poisoning of the environment, drought, poverty and unemployment, which lead to uncontrolled immigration, without forgetting the various illnesses and viruses, as well as the existence of some kind of life in other universes, create an uncertain future. A future which, often, the cinema has painted with scary images, in films that create chills but also questions and thoughts about life itself and its essence, in other words, about the need, or not, of mankind. This year's Panorama offers images of such a kind of cinema."

-Ninos Fenek Mikelides - Director of Panorama


The following films will be screened (alphabetically):


Dark Star - John Carpenter

Day The World Ended - Roger Corman

Death Watch (La mort en direct) - Bertrand Tavernier

Hard To Be God (Трудно быть богом / Trudno byt' bogom) - Aleksey German

Night Of The Living Dead - George Romero

On the Silver Globe (Na srebrnym globie) - Andrzej Zulawski

Primer - Shane Carruth

Quatermass and the Pit - Roy Ward Baker

Solaris (Солярис / Solyaris) - Andrei Tarkovsky

The Last Man On Earth - Ubaldo B. Ragona, Sidney Salkow





"The Bicentenary anniversary since the outbreak of the Greek Revolution of 1821 -which Greece will be celebrating officially in 2021- brings to fore the universal issue of the struggles for independence, struggles that, as we know, waged throughout the course of time, from antiquity until the present days. The subject of these struggles for freedom and independence, its preparations, the risings and the battles themselves have always been an inspiration to film-makers all over the world.

Among hundreds of films that have commemorated revolutions in the history of cinema -both during the silent and in the sound era- we picked just a few, as a brief taste of what is to follow in the upcoming year: We showcase "Byron: Ballad for a Daemon" by Greek director Nikos Koundouros, "La nuit de Varennes" by Ettore Scola, a story that recounts an incident in the course of the French Revolution, "Allonsanfàn" by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, a film about the failure of one of the Italian uprisings, "Reed, Insurgent Mexico" by Paul Leduc, covering Pancho Villa's struggle for Mexican Independence, and finally Miklós Jancsó's film "Red Psalm" which centers around a small peasants' revolt on the Hungarian plains at the end of the 19th century."

- Ninos Fenek Mikelides- Director of Panorama


The following films will be screened (alphabetically):


Allonsanfàn - Paolo & Vittorio Taviani

Byron: Ballad for a Daemon (Μπάιρον: Η μπαλάντα ενός δαιμονισμένου) - Nikos Koundouros

Red Psalm (Még kér a nép) - Miklós Jancsó

Reed, Insurgent Mexico - Paul Leduc

That Night in Varennes (La nuit de Varennes)- Ettore Scola



Short Films by Film Schools

New York College Short Films & Horme Pictures Short Films


- New York College Short Films -

The following films will be screened (alphabetically):


Athanasia (immortality) - Nikoletta Chouchouli

The Bookworm - A quarantine short film - Efstratios Panourios

With New Eyes - George Leontakianakos


- Horme Pictures Short Films -

The following films will be screened (alphabetically):


Father's advice (Πατρική Συμβουλή) - Lydia Tsenta

Jasmine (Γιασεμί) - Violeta Kyriakou

Kiss (Φιλί) - Kostas Balomenos, Azia Gonianaki, Kyriakos Makromallis,

Vaggelis Mitsioulis, Penny Theodosiou, Rinela Verikokaki

Three Steps (Τρία βήματα) - Vassilis Dimopoulos





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