On the Silver Globe (Na srebrnym globie)

On the Silver Globe (Na srebrnym globie)

Andrzej Zulawski - Polland - 1988 - col.

Director: Andrzej Zulawski

Screenplay: Andrzej Zulawski | Cinematographer: Andrzej Jaroszewicz | Editor: Krzysztof Osiecki

Music: Andrzej Korzynski | Cast: Andrzej Seweryn, Jerzy Trela, Grazyna Dylag

Producer: Andrzej Zulawski | Production: Zespól Filmowy "Kadr" | Running Time: 166'


A small group of cosmic explorers, including a woman, leaves Earth to find freedom and start a new civilization. They do not realize that within themselves they carry the end of their own dream. They eventually die one by one, while their children revert to a primitive native culture, creating new myths and a new god. Some time later, a newcomer bureaucrat, running from a broken heart, is considered a suitable candidate for a Messiah, and for some time he lives as one.


In 1978, after 3 yearts of filming and three-quarters of the film completed, the Polish ministry of culture halted production. When in 1986 Zulawski completed the film. He used voice-over narration covering the missing scenes.




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