New York College: The Bookworm - A quarantine short film

The Bookworm - A quarantine short film

Efstratios Panourios - Greece - 2020 – b&w

Director, Screenplay: Efstratios Panourios

Cinematographer: Alexandros Vetoulis 

Music: Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 5 / Sir Simon Rattle, conductor · Berliner Philharmoniker

Cast: Arion Panourios, Efstratios Panourios

Producer: Efstratios Panourios | Running Time: 11'


"Books have no life; they lack feeling maybe, and perhaps cannot feel pain, as animals and even plants feel pain. But what proof have we that inorganic objects can feel no pain? Who knows if a book may not yearn for other books, its companions of many years, in some ways strange to us and therefore never yet perceived?"

A film inspired by the novel "Auto da Fé" by Elias Canetti. The film was shot in Athens, in the director's house, during the first period of quarantine in April 2020.


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