New York College: Athanasia (immortality)

Athanasia (immortality)

Nikoletta Chouchouli – Greece – 2020 – col.

Director, Screenplay: Nikoletta Chouchouli

(Based on the Short Story by Gregorios Xenopoulos)

Editor: Nikoletta Chouchouli | Music: Dimitrios Mantzirakis

Cast: Dimitrios Maxouris, Kyriakoula Papafotiou, Maria Manolatou, Victoria Karakosta

Producer: Nikoletta Chouchouli | Running Time: 20'


The Greek writer Gregorios Xenopoulos recollects a special day in his childhood when he met a beautiful young woman named Athanasia, while spending his days at his aunt's house. That woman was meant to stay in his mind forever and serve as his muse.


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