Who Will be Eaten (Ποιος, ποιος θα φαγωθεί)

Who Will be Eaten (Ποιος, ποιος θα φαγωθεί)

Elpiniki Voutsa-Rentzepopoulou - Greece - 2020 - col.

Director Screenplay: Elpiniki Voutsa-Rentzepopoulou

 Cinematographer: Fanourios Kazakis, Vangelis Tsakas 

Editor:  Alexandros Nouskas Varelas, Elpiniki Voutsa-Rentzepopoulou | Music: Michalis Katachanas 

Cast:  Chrysalena Christopoulou, Efthimis Chalkidis, Setayes Perzant

Producer: Elpiniki Voutsa-Rentzepopoulou | Sales: Elli Skreta | Running Time: 70'


We are in Athens. The city is like a ship sailing upon the Aegean Sea with passengers of all cultures. There is not enough space for everyone on this ship and so the class cannibalism begins. The heroine of the film vacillates between individualism and collective action, the luxury of abstention from public life and the emotional struggle of participating in it. Will she be able to save the next child from being eaten?

Official selection of the 61st Thessaloniki International Film Festival.




"Who Will be Eaten" is her directorial debut.


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