New York College: With New Eyes

With New Eyes

George Leontakianakos - Greece - 2020 - col.

Director: George Leontakianakos

Screenplay: Alexandra Dyranis-Maounis, George Leontakianakos | Cinematographer: Michael Kallidonis 

Editor: Konstantinos Gourgiotis | Music: Zorzes Katris | Cast: Yannis Sarakatsanis, Kostis Savvidakis 

Producer: Konstantinos Gourgiotis | Production: Ace House Productions | Running Time: 25'


Pavlos (40), a cynical, racist Airbnb host, spends a night with his new tenant, Fotis (55), a romantic, insightful blind man seeking human contact after his wife's death. As the night progresses, however, Fotis begins to shed light on Pavlos' misconceptions.


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