Red Psalm (Még kér a nép)

Red Psalm (Még kér a nép)

Miklós Jancsó - Hungary - 1972 - col.

Director: Miklós Jancsó

Screenplay: Gyula Hernádi | Cinematographer: János Kende | Editor: Zoltán Farkas

Music: Tamás Cseh | Cast: Andrea Drahota, Gyöngyi Bürös, Erzsi Cserhalmi

Producer: Miklós Jancsó | Production: MAFILM 1. Játékfilmstúdió | Running Time: 87'


Like most of Jancsó's best-known works, Red Psalm is loosely based on events from Hungarian history. Set in the 1890s on the Hungarian plains, a village of farmers has gone into a strike in-which they face harsh reprisals and the reality of revolt, oppression, morality and violence. Although their most challenging struggle is over their souls and minds.


Red Psalm (which consists of only 27 takes) won Jancsó the Best Director prize at the 1972 Cannes Film Festival.





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