Do It Yourself

Do it Yourself

Dimitris Tsilifonis - Greece - 2017 - col.

Director, Screenplay: Dimitris Tsilifonis 

Cinematographer: Angelos Papadopoulos | Editor: Lambis Haralambidis | Music: Chris Christodoulou |

Cast: Konstantinos Aspiotis, Makis Papadimitriou, Mirto Alikaki,Christos Loulis, Themis Panou 

Producers: Giorgos Kyriakos, Kostas Lambropoulos Andreas Tsilifonis

Production: View Master Films, Central Athens Film Productions | Running Time: 97'

An inspired crime thriller about a small-time crook who agrees to film a video which will be used to restore the public image of a corrupted businessman. When he realizes that his accomplices are going to kill him, he only has a few hours to escape from the porn studio in which he is imprisoned.


The film won at Hellenic Film Academy Awards (2018) the Award for Best Editing and Best Special Effects and Cinematic Innovation Award. It also won the Youth Jury Award at Thessaloniki Film Festival (2017).




Selected Filmography:

A Safe Guide to Dying (2020) (short)
Life of Homer (2017) (short)
The Way of Styx (Ο δρόμος της Στύγας) (2012) (short)


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