Onslaught (Risalto / Ρισάλτο)

Onslaught (Risalto / Ρισάλτο)

Vasilis Vafeas - Greece - 2016 - b&w

Director, Screenplay: Vasilis Vafeas

  Cinematographer: Kostas Gikas | Editor: Saifentin Salim | Music: Thanos Mikroutsikos

Cast: Nikos Poursanidis, Amalia Arseni, Margarita Panousopoulou, Takis Papamattheou 

Producers: Kostas Gikas, Anastasia Hatzistefanou 

Production: Sigma Film, Greek Film Center, ERT, Tonikon, Sklavis Film Lab  | Running Time: 78'


Aris is a young man living between two worlds. On the one hand, his professional space in the world of entertainment, which thirsts for brilliance, money and power. On the other hand, the suffocating family and the crisis that has hit the country and worsens human relations, which are in any case complicated and traumatic. The protagonist tries to find his balance through love, which also betrays him. Will he finally find a way out?


The film was filmed in natural places in various neighborhoods of the basin: in the center of Athens, in Drapetsona, in Perama, in Nea Smyrni, in Paleo Faliro.




Selected Filmography:

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120 Decibels (120 Ντεσιμπέλ) (1987)
The love of Ulysses (Ο έρωτας του Οδυσσέα) (1984)
Day Off (Ρεπό) (1982)
Eastern Periphery (Ανατολική περιφέρεια) (1979)


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