Worlds apart (Ένας άλλος κόσμος)

Worlds apart (Ένας άλλος κόσμος)

Christopher Papakaliatis - Greece - 2015 - col.


Director, Screenplay: Christopher Papakaliatis 

   Cinematographer: Yannis Drakoularakos | Editor: Stella Filippopoulou | Music: Kostas Christides 

Cast: Christopher Papakaliatis, J.K. Simmons, Maria Kavoyianni, Andrea Osvárt,

Tawfeek Barhom, Niki Vakali, Minas Hatzisavvas 

Producers: Christopher Papakaliatis, Chris Papavasiliou, Dorothea Paschalidou, Kostas Sousoulas 

Production: Plus Productions | Running Time: 113'


In modern Greece, during a time of socio-economic crisis in Europe, three separate tales of romance unfold, each representing a different generation of Greeks in love with a foreigner. When college student Daphne is rescued by Farris, a refugee from Syria, the two fall blissfully in love. Corporate manager Giorgos, whose marriage and job are both facing collapse, has a one-night stand which turns into far more than just a lustful affair, with Swedish businesswoman Elise. And Maria, a dispirited housewife struggling under economic strain, is renewed by a romantic spark between herself and Sebastian, a German expat who has come to Greece to spend the autumn of his life.


The highest grossing 2015 film in Greece, and the highest grossing Greek film of 2010-2019.

Minas Hatzisavvas' last role in cinema. He was awarded the Award for Best Supporting Actor at the Hellenic Film Academy Awards.




Selected Filmography:
What If... (Αν...) (2012)


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