Death Watch (La mort en direct)

Death Watch (La mort en direct)

Bertrand Tavernier - France, West Germany - 1980 - col.

Director: Bertrand Tavernier

Screenplay: David Rayfiel, Bertrand Tavernier | Cinematographer: Pierre William Glenn 

Editor: Michael Ellis, Armand Psenny | Music: Antoine Duhamel

Cast: Romy Schneider, Harvey Keitel, Harry Dean Stanton 

Producer: Elie Kfouri | Production: Films A2 | Running Time: 130'


A man of the future has a camera implanted in his brain which is activated by the user's eyes. He is assigned by a ruthless TV producer to secretly probe the subconscious of a dying woman. The producer is only interested in the grim spectacle of what goes on inside the brain of someone who knows she's doomed. The operator, on the other hand, becomes disgusted by his assignment and grows compassionate as he stares into the woman's tortured psyche.

According to co-Writer and Director Bertrand Tavernier, the young boy playing football in the park sequence is David, Romy Schneider's son, who died by accident a couple of years later.





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