Europe, the Dream (Ευρώπη, το όνειρο)

Europe, the Dream (Ευρώπη, το όνειρο)

Anneta Papathanasiou, Angelos Kovotsos - Greece - 2018 - col.

Director, Screenplay: Anneta Papathanasiou, Angelos Kovotsos 

Cinematographer: Dimitris Kordelas | Editor: Hronis Theoharis | Music: Maria Christina Krithara 

Producer: Mikis Modianos | Production: TopCut – Modiano | Running Time: 80'


Three teen boys, a Greek, a Syrian, and an Afghan, dream of a free and comfortable life in a "perfect" Europe. Through their anguished personal paths, that bring them closer to their dreams, they realize that a perfect Europe does not exist and that their dreams can be crushed by cruel practices and nightmarish situations.

Award for the best Greek Film at the 6th AegeanDocs Festival (2018).




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