10th Day (10η μέρα)

10th Day (10η μέρα)

Vasilis Mazomenos - Greece - 2012 - col.

Director: Vasilis Mazomenos 

Screenplay: Vasilis Mazomenos, Nikos Apeiranthitis 

Cinematographer: Giorgos Papandrikopoulos, Stamos Prousalis 

Editor: Yiannis Kostavaras | Music: DNA | Cast: Ali Haidari, Vassilis Koukalani, Mahdi Gorbani, Hosin Ahmadi 

Producer: Vasilis Mazomenos | Production: Horme pictures, X-Rated Films, E.R.T., Greek Film Center 

Running Time: 83'


Ali, an Afghan Muslim, lives in Athens Greece. He is trying to get access to the western dream, surrounded by memories of his homeland, his trip to Europe and his nightmares. A real odyssey and a true story about Ali, his trip to Iran, Turkey, and eventually Greece where he faces racism and intolerance.


Official selection in Montreal World Film Festival, Fantasporto and many other festivals worldwide. In 2014 "10th day" represented Greece in E.U Humans Rights Film Festival in Turkey. It was also an official selection and nominee for the "Antonioni Award" in BLOW-UP · Chicago International Arthouse FILM FEST (U.S.A.) in 2015.




Selected Filmography:

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