Romantic Note (Ρομαντικό σημείωμα)

Romantic Note (Ρομαντικό σημείωμα)

Takis Kanellopoulos - Greece - 1978 - col.

Director, Screenplay: Takis Kanellopoulos

  Cinematographer: Christos Triantafillou | Editor: Takis Kanellopoulos | Music: Alkis Kakaliagos

Cast: Giorgos Mazis, Maria Perdiki, Giorgos Fourniadis 

Producer: Takis Kanellopoulos | Running Time: 84'


The story of four fellow students who fall in love with the same girl (Adriana/Maria Perdiki), who has shook up their lives with her unexpected appearance as well as her enigmatic presence, and who will give them up in the same dramatic way, as if she never existed. The incurably romantic Takis Kanellopoulos returns to his favorite theme of "lost youth".

This autobiographical film by Takis Kanellopoulos won an honorary photography distinction at the 19th Thessaloniki Film Festival.




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