Excursion (Εκδρομή)

Excursion (Εκδρομή)

Takis Kanellopoulos - Greece - 1966 - b&w

Director: Takis Kanellopoulos

Screenplay: Giorgos Kitsopoulos | Cinematographer: Syrakos Danalis 

Editor: Takis Kanellopoulos | Music: Nikos Mamangakis

Cast: Lili Papayanni, Angelos Antonopoulos, Kostas Karagiorgis | Producer:  Kostas Kanellopoulos 

Running Time: 87'


1941 and the war culminates. The wife of a lieutenant and a sergeant fall madly in love. Times and circumstances -military service, marriage, friendship between the two men- forbid this love, but do not negate it. When the lieutenant is injured and taken to hospital, the two lovers, against all odds, dare the only possible way out: he defects, she leaves her husband, and they begin a journey without return towards the border.


"I just wanted really to tell a love story between three people. The film has absolutely no symbolism, although some phrases in the dialogue may support such a view. The movie is straightforward". [statements of the director in I Kathimerini (Rozita Sokou) 17-4-1966].




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