Sky (Ουρανός)

Sky (Ουρανός)

Takis Kanellopoulos - Greece - 1962 - b&w

Director: Takis Kanellopoulos

Screenplay: Giorgos Kitsopoulos, Takis Kanellopoulos | Cinematographer: Giovanni Varriano, Grigoris Danalis 

Editor: Takis Kanellopoulos | Music: Argyris Kounadis 

Cast: Aimilia Pitta, Faidon Georgitsis, Takis Emmanuel | Producer: Vasileia Drakaki | Running Time: 80'


During the cold spring of 1941, with Greece already under German occupation, a long-suffering squad of war-battered soldiers receives orders from the headquarters in Athens to fall back, leaving behind the Albanian Front. As the men retreat through the snow-covered landscapes of the bomb-scarred Greek countryside, the terrifying certainty that nothing will ever be the same again crushes their weary human souls.

The film had an international career, starting in 1962 at the Thessaloniki Film Festival to be then awarded the Silver Siren at the Naples Film Festival and screened at Film Festivals in Cannes, New York and, out of competition, Berlin (1963).




Selected Filmography:

Sonia (Σόνια) (1980)
Chronicle of a Sunday (Το χρονικό μιας Κυριακής) (1975)
Last Spring (Η τελευταία άνοιξη) (1972)
Parenthesis (Παρένθεση) (1968)
Macedonian Wedding (Μακεδονικός γάμος) (1960)


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