The Marquise of O (Die Marquise von O...)

The Marquise of O (Die Marquise von O...)

Éric Rohmer - West Germany, France - 1976 - col.

Director: Éric Rohmer

Screenplay: Éric Rohmer (based on a novella by Heinrich von Kleist) 

Cinematographer: Néstor Almendros | Editor: Cécile Decugis 

Cast: Edith Clever, Bruno Ganz, Edda Seippel, Peter Lühr 

Producers: Klaus Hellwig, Barbet Schroeder | Production: Janus Film | Running Time: 102'


The film tells the story of a young widow, the Marquise of O. and her unexpected, mysterious pregnancy. While the Russians invade Italy in 1799, the Marquise is abducted by a group of rowdy Russian soldiers and nearly taken advantage of when the Russian commander Count F appears to rescue her. Then, while unconscious, she is being raped by her own rescuer... When the Marquise realizes she is pregnant, though she cannot explain how that happened, she will try to find out who the father of her child is.

Rohmer masterfully adapts Heinrich von Kleist's 1808 novella "Die Marquise von O". The film won the Grand Prix Spécial Prize at the 1976 Cannes Film Festival.




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