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Centre of European Cinema

4, Lefkosias Str., Athens, Greece | Tel: 210-8676671 | Facebook

 Contact email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Festival Director: Ninos Mikelidis

Coordination: Lela Mikelidis

Programme Coordinator - Online Platform: Maria Karagiannaki

Greek Programme Coordinator: Panagiotis Giannelis

Communication - Press Office- Social Media: CITY OWLS - Tina Pappas

Website - Translations: Graziella Roussou

Atelier: Tonia Lambrianou

Texts: Ninos Mikelidis, Panagiotis Giannelis, Graziella Roussou

Digital Parallel Events: Manolis Melissourgos

Online Systems Integration: Dimitris Spyropoulos

Legal: Graziella Roussou


Organizer: Centre of European Cinema
                  Lefkosias 4, Athens, Greece | Tel: 210-8676671 | Facebook

Festival Director: Ninos Mikelidis

Coordination: Lela Mikelidis

Program Coordination: Maria Karayannaki

Film Trafficking: Panagiotis Giannelis 

Communication - Press Office: CITY OWLS - Tina Pappas
Support: Andreas Mandas 

Social Media - Catalogue - Website - Creative Director: Elias Katirtzigianoglou
Support: Graziella Roussou
Atelier: Tonia Lambrianou

Texts: Ninos Mikelidis, Panagiotis Giannelis, Graziella Roussou, Elias Katirtzigianoglou 

Translations: Graziella Roussou

Head of Volunteers:: Graziella Roussou, Panagiotis Giannelis