A Clockwork Orange

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CLOCKWORK ORANGE 1ΗΠΑ/USA, 1971, εγχρ/col.

Σκην./Dir.: Stanley Kubrick | Σεν./Scr.: Stanley Kubrick, Anthony Burgess | Φωτ./ Cin.: John Alcott | Μοντ./Ed.: Bill Butler | Μουσ./Mus.: Wendy Carlos | Ηθ./ Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates | Παρ./Prod.:  Stanley Kubrick, Warner Bros | Διάρκ./Dur.: 136΄

In the future, the violent and psychopath delinquent Alex, leader of a gang of ultra-violent criminal teenagers who kill, steal and rape, falls into the hands of the police. Arrested, Alex turns guinea pig for experiments intended to curb the destructive impulses of men and solve the society’s crime problems, but ends up becoming powerless to deal with the violence that surrounds him.

Before the rape scene was filmed, Adrienne Corri (a blonde in the film) walked up to Malcolm McDowell and said: "Well, Malcolm, today you’re going to find out I’m a real redhead".

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