Woodstock and the Year That Changed Hollywood - Tribute

Another Tribute of this year's 32nd Panorama of European Cinema is dedicated to

Woodstock and the year 1969.

The Festival is held from Thursday, November 21 to Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at TRIANON Cinema (21/11-4/12, Kodrigktonos 21) and ANDORA Cinema (28/11-4/12, Sevastoupoleos 117).

About this Tribute the Festival Director Ninos Mikelidis wrote:
“In the United States at the beginning of 1969, while the Vietnam War is still at its peak, Lyndon Johnson leaves the nation's presidency and Richard Nixon is inaugurated as the new President of the United States. At Memphis Studios Elvis Presley writes his version of the song “Long Black Limousine” from the famous album "From Elvis in Memphis". The strikes at Harvard and Berkeley University begin, with National Guard helicopters dispensing airborne tear gas to the students. The beginning of the modern gay rights movement begins at New York City. The whole world watches Neil Armstrong taking the very first step onto the moon's surface. The brutality of the My Lai killings and the official cover-up fueled anti-war sentiment in the United States over the Vietnam War. Manson's followers murder Sharon Tate. Black Panthers members are gunned down by police officers as they lie sleeping in Chicago, while the Woodstock Music & Art Festival is held in August and brings together famous singers and their bands, a three days festival celebration that was captured by Michael Wadleigh's camera.
In the same year, the so called "New Hollywood" movement introduces new subject matter, putting aside the glamour and false sentimentality of its conventional narrative, influenced by the national and international events of the time.  A series of films encapsulate this mood - “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” and “Midnight Cowboy” considered the leading representatives- films that are infused with issues such as the Vietnam War, the fight for human and civil rights, student protests, political assassinations, the feminist movement, free love and abortion, and at the same time pose questions about the role of power, state violence and the role of the State.
The films we have chosen for this Tribute are centered on these particular themes.”

The following films will be screened during this Tribute:
(in alphabetical order):

Dir. Arthur Penn

Alice Restaurant 2

Dir. George Roy Hill

butch cassidy and the sundance kid 5

Dir. John Schlesinger
midnight cowboy 2

Dir. Sydney Pollack

they shoot horses dont they 1

Dir. Sam Peckinpah

the wild bunch 1

Dir. Michael Wadleigh

woodstock 4

Dir. Michelangelo Antonioni

Zabriskie Point 3

The full festival program, screening schedule and other parallel events which consist of world cinema premieres, international competition section, tributes, masterclasses etc., will be announced gradually in the following days.