Film Noir in the Greek Cinema Tribute

The 32nd Panorama of European Cinema is held from Thursday, November 21 to Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at TRIANON Cinema (21/11-4/12, Kodrigktonos 21) and ANDORA Cinema (28/11-4/12, Sevastoupoleos 117).

The full festival program, screening schedule and other parallel events which consist of world cinema premieres, international competition section, tributes, masterclasses etc., will be announced gradually in the following days.

Today we give a sneak preview of our first Tribute entitled “Film Noir in the Greek Cinema”
About this Tribute the Festival Director Ninos Mikelidis wrote:

“Thanks to crime novels and Yannis Maris’ screenplays ("The Man on the Train", "Murder Backstage", "Crime in Kolonaki" and “Doubts") and thanks to Greek filmmakers’ love and persistence for this particular genre that emerged and flourished in Hollywood during the decades of 1940 and 1950, the film noir genre made its first striking appearance in Greece in the early 1960s.
A genre that stood out due to its dark atmosphere -all films were shot in black and white film which highlighted the ideal dark atmosphere borrowing many of its elements from German Expressionism)- due to its characters’ typology -femme fatale, flawed heroes- and finally due to its plot: violent crimes, underworld, betrayal and brutal violence.
Starting with Greek filmmakers such as Dinos Katsouridis, Erricos Andreou, Dinos Dimopoulos, Sokrates Kapsaskis followed by Giorgos Karypidis, Dimitris Stavrakas, Dimitris Panayiotatos, Nikos Grammatikos, Yannis Economides and Karolos Zonaras, Greek Cinema features an extensive list of films with noir elements that did not lose their beauty, atmosphere and dynamic through time.”


 “Film Noir in the Greek Cinema” Tribute will present a selection of Award-winning films that will be screened (in alphabetical order):


Murder Backstage
Dinos Katsouridis, 1960

Erricos Andreou, 1961

The Confrontation/ Dangerous Game
Giorgos Karypidis, 1982

Night with Silena
Dimitris Panayiotatos, 1986

Dimitris Stavrakas, 1983

Nikos Grammatikos, 1991

Yannis Economides, 2010

Big Hit
Karolos Zonaras, 2012

The Hot Month of August
Sokrates Kapsaskis, 1966

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