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Πορτογαλία/Portugal, Γερμανία/Germany, Βραζιλία/Brazil, Γαλλία/France, Ισπανία/Spain, 2012, μ.α./b&w.

Σκην./Dir.: Miguel Gomes | Σεν./Scr.: Miguel Gomes, Mariana Ricardo | Φωτ./Cin.: Rui Poças | Μοντ./Ed.: Telmo Churro, Miguel Gomes | Hθ./Cast: Teresa Madruga, Telmo Churro, Hortêncílio Aquina, Américo Mota | Παρ./Prod.: O Som e a Fúria, Komplizen Film, Gullane, Shellac Sud | Διάρκεια/Dur.: 118'

It’s an eccentric two-part tale centered on Aurora, shown first as an impulsive, cantankerous elderly woman in present-day Lisbon.
When Aurora is hospitalized, she sends her neighbor, Pilar, to pass word of her grave condition to Gian Luca, a man of which no one
has ever heard her speak. Pilar’s quest to fulfill her friend’s wish transports us to Africa fifty years earlier, before the start of the Portuguese Colonial War. We see Aurora again, this time as the gorgeous wife of a wealthy young farmer, involved in a forbidden
love affair with Gian Luca, her husband’s best friend.

The film won the Alfred Bauer Award in Berlin International Film Festival, along with the FIPRESCI prize.

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