Desert Sky

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Χωρίς τίτλο 

Desert Sky

Ελλάδα/Greece, Γαλλία/France, 1997, μ/α/b&w.

Σκην./Dir.: Νίκος Κορνήλιος/Nikos Kornilios | Σεν./Scr.: Νίκος Κορνήλιος/ Nikos Kornilios | Φωτ./Cin.: Dominique Colin | Μοντ./Ed.: Δέσποινα Δανάη Μαρουλάκου/Despina Danai Maroulakou | Μουσ./Mus.: Νίκος Κορνήλιος/Nikos Kornilios | Ηθ./Cast: Ίρις Χαντζιαντωνίου/Iris Hatziantoniou, Ακύλλας Καραζήσης/Akilas Karazisis, Αρτώ Απαρτιάν/Arto Apartian, Βαγγελιώ Ανδρεαδάκη/ Vagelio Andreadaki, Τίτος Βανδής/Titos Vandis | Παρ./Prod.: ΕΡΤ 1, Νίκος Κορνήλιος/Nikos Kornilios, Cl Productions, Trois Lumieres Productions (France), Ελληνικό Κέντρο Κινηματογράφου/Greek Film Center | Διάρκεια/Dur.:90΄

The few survivors of a deserted city, sometime in the near future, are left with no water or food but somehow manage to survive. In a hospital, a lonely scientist, Foteini, is helping a patient with amnesia to recover. She also meets an actor named Aias - who often visits his sick sister - and becomes romantically involved with him. Foteini is swept away by love; Aias, however, is unprepared for such strong emotions. Their separation brings Foteini to the house of the amnesiac, and he takes care of her, up to the moment that she discovers a photo of hers among his things.

The film will be screened with english subtitles.

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