Vassilis Vafeas: The Subversive

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Vasilis Vafeas was born in 1944 in Alexandria, Egypt. He studied chemistry at the Universities of Athens and film at the Sorbonne and Stavrakos school. Besides directing, signs the script and the production of films of following the development of the project at each stage of production. He began his career in the period 1973-1977 with two short-length films and three documentaries, and debuted with the masterpiece "Eastern region" in 1979.

In his films are always distinct experiential element but discontinued or gradually outweighed by the advent of the imaginary that gives a more complex dimension of reality which is a natural consequence of the fact that several of the extremely scenarios resulting from automatic writing method. Accordingly, as a designer, his fascinated by everyday human stories while at the same time attracted from tipping as it focuses on what happens to the characters of his films when collapsing cornerstones of society as a good job or an arranged marriage.

Watching the work of this tireless filmmaker convinces that comedy is nothing but a tragedy seen a long time later. That over time you discover (along with causes and purposes) the humor of a tragic situation.

For years, being on a path rotations apparently renews him, poised between film and theater (counts eleven partnerships with the National Theatre of Northern Greece and the Municipal Theatre of Veria, Kavala etc.) but without confuse roles and functions between the lens and film in the theatrical plank. Moreover transformed depending on the work they produce is expected since, as argued he himself, in an area such as the Greek cinematography forced to write the script, you get involved with casting or editing, working with much your close people ... Being a filmmaker-orchestra.

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