Shorts (15)

pass poster 600dpi 30X50cm

Pass (2014), 7', Fantasy
In near future Europe human beings surrender themselves to an ongoing death row.
Written and Directed by Lampros Georgopoulos
Cast: Orestis Dikaios, Anastasia Baliou
Produced by Vassilis Mazomenos
Cinematography by Yorgos Papandrikopoulos
Film Editing by Giannis Kostavaras
Production Design by Vassilis Mazomenos
Sound design by Nikos Tsines

stairs poster 600dpi 30X50cm

Stairs (2014), 6', Fantasy

A man is late for work and his work place punishes him.

Written and Directed by Anastasia Baliou
Cast: Vasilis Georgosopoulos, Yiorgos Ziogalas
Produced by Vassilis Mazomenos
Cinematography by Giannis Kostavaras
Film Editing by Giannis Kostavaras
Production Design by Vassilis Mazomenos
Sound design by George Ramantanis
Costume design by Graziella Roussou
Music by Master Heatwave

WAITING poster

Anamoni: Waiting (2014), 6', Fantasy
A man and a death, at the edge of the city.
Written, Edited and Directed by Thanos K.
Cast: Tassos Ziakas, Dimitris Kalimeris, Yiannis Yiaramazidis, Yiorgos Ziogalas, Markos Zoidis
Produced by Vassilis Mazomenos
Cinematography by Yorgos Papandrikopoulos
Production Design by Vassilis Mazomenos
Sound design and Music by Master Heatwave

house internal poster

House Internal (2014), 12', Drama
A young man lives with his servant until an inheritance destroys everything.
Written and Directed by Orestis Dikaios
Cast: Kostas Filippoglou, Romanos Kalokyris, Dionysis Kondakis
Produced by Vassilis Mazomenos
Cinematography by Ivan Vountidis
Film Editing by Thanos K.
Music by Alexandros Christaras (DNA)
Art Direction by Efi Zygouri
Costumes by Magda Kaloriti
Sound design by George Ramantanis

where poster

Where (2014), 12', Drama

When a young man is losing his job he has not too many choices.

Written and Directed by Vassilis Ntanis
Cast: Lambros Ktenavos, Dilo Ahmet, Mellie Economou
Produced by Vassilis Mazomenos
Cinematography by Antonis Kounellas
Film Editing by Thanos K.
Production Design by Vassilis Mazomenos
Sound Design by George Ramantanis

UIP Award, Locarno Festival

by Cristina Picchi. Russia, 13', documentary-experimental.

A portrait of a season - a journey through North Russia and Siberia, through the feelings and thoughts of the people who have to cope with one of the world’s harshest climates; a reality where the boundary between life and death is so thin that it is sometimes almost non-existent, where civilization constantly both fights and embraces nature and its millenarian rules and rites. A reflection on life, on adaptation and on the immutable cycles of existence.

zima church

UIP Award, Grimstad Festival

by Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy. Ukraine, 25', fiction

Sergiy and Sveta live in Chernobyl. He is a truck-driver at a radioactive waste plant. She works at a radioactive decontamination station. Their work and life are dictated by one unchangeable rhythm with clockwork precision. But what sets this mechanism in motion - day by day?


UIP Award, Rotterdam Festival

by Omar Robert Hamilton. Palestine-Egypt-UK-Katar, 19', fiction.

He has returned to Palestine. On the fraught road through the country he relives the choice that sent him to America and the forces of history are now driving him home.

ThoughIKnowtheRiverisDry Still2

UIP Award, Sarajevo Festival

by Sergio Oksman. Spain, 26', documentary.

After appearing in the film ROSEMARY’S BABY by Roman Polanski, Elmer Modlin ran away with his family to a distant land where they lock themselves inside a dark apartment for thirty years.


Βραβείο UIP,  Φεστιβάλ Tampere/Tampere Festival
του Jochen Kuhn. Γερμανία/Germany, 14', animation.
Το τρίτο μέρος σε μια σειρά κυριακάτικων εξόδων. Στο SONNTAG 3, ο πρωταγωνιστής έχει ένα ραντεβού στα τυφλά στο Grand Café.

SONNTAG 3 Bild 02 klein

UIP Award, Clermont-Ferrand Festival

by Petar Valchanov & Kristina Grozeva. Bulgaria, 30', fiction.

The old bachelor Gosho receives an offer from his rich cousin Joro to take care of Joro's luxurious penthouse while the latter is abroad. For the poor relative, still living with his mother and grandfather, this is the perfect opportunity to have some peace and quiet in luxury and richness. But as early as his second day in the apartment, the water metre reader arrives, performing her monthly inspection. Her visit turns out to be much more than just a simple water metre reading, but the most deceitful, most passionate, the funniest and the saddest love in the world.


UIP Award, Bristol Festival.

by Chee-Lan Chan & Len Rowles. UK, 20', fiction.

Earth's orbit. The distant future. Two star-crossed lovers overcome all probabilities and sacrifice everything they have in order to spend one perfect moment together.



UIP Award, Ghent Festival

by Luís Urbano & Sandro Aguilar. Portugal, 22', fiction.

Beautiful, truly Portuguese seascapes swept before my eyes. Tied up in these images was my youth, my paradise lost. The vast sea, the beach, the people, all waiting, all dying gently, sadly, beautifully. Life and death were being recorded here as a whole: death as a part of life, a cosmic change, a transformation.

as ondas

UIP Award, Cork Festival

by Cathy Brady. Ireland/UK, 20', fiction.

A distraught woman doesn’t want to be disturbed, but the front doorbell keeps ringing and the caller won’t leave until she answers.

MORNING mary and Paul

UIP Award, Berlin Festival

by Chema García Ibarra, Spain, 12', fiction.

They say that if you put your ear to the back of his neck, you can hear the Virgin talk.


UIP Award, Drama Festival

by Hu Wei. France/China, 15', fiction.

A young photographer and his assistant suggest to Tibetan nomads to photograph them. On diverse and more or less exotic backgrounds, families present themselves to the photographer. Through these shots, the photographer will weave unique links with each of the various villagers.

butter lamp

UIP Award, Venice Festival

by Bülent Öztürk. Belgium, 15', fiction.

22-year old Dilan pays for her forbidden love for a young man in a neighbouring village with her life. She has shamed the family and therefore must die at the hands of her own brothers. And as tradition will have it, the killing must be compensated.

Houses 006


UIP Award, Valladolid Festival

by Tom Van Avermaet. Belgium/France, 20', fiction.

Soldier Nathan Rijckx died during World War I. A strange collector imprisoned his shadow and gave him a new chance: a second life against 10,000 captured shadows. It is love that guides him, as his purpose is to meet Sarah again, the woman he fell in love with before he died. But when he discovers that she’s already in love with someone else, jealousy clouds his mind and pushes him towards a bitter decision, a decision not without consequences…

Death of a Shadow - still 3

UIP Award, Vila do Conde Festival
by Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller, Γερμανία/Germany, 13', experimental.
The body as a wound that never heals.

CUT Still2