Open Letter

Ελλάδα/Greece, 1967, μ/α/b&w
Σκην./Dir. - Σεν./Scr.: Γιώργος Σταμπουλόπουλος/Giorgos Stampoulopoulos. Φωτ./Cin.: Walter Lassaly. Μοντ./Ed.: Πάνος Παπακυριακόπουλος/Panos Papakyriakopoulos. Ηθ./Cast: Νικηφόρος  Νανέρης/Nikiforos Naneres, Ελένη Θεοφίλου/Eleni Theophilou, Μπέττυ Αρβανίτη/Betty Arvaniti. Παρ./Prod.: Γιώργος Σταμπουλόπουλος/Giorgos Stampoulopoulos, STUDIO A. Διάρκεια/Dur.: 81΄.
Around his 30s, Dimitris is scared. He lives in the shadow of German occupation and his first romantic experience. Today’s fluid reality, is a threat to him. Of petit-bourgeois origin, he is timid and somewhat ready to quickly give up. He meets rich Thaleia. Routine again. Not much later, change comes... The company he works for, closes down. At the same time he meets Maria, a progressive didactic mind.Their relationship inspires and politically awakens him. Eventually, he follows her, they live together and he gets in contact with the mature version of himself.

Ανοιχτή Επιστολή-5