Black Rock

Η.Π.Α./U.S.A., 2012, εγχ./col.

Σκην./Dir.: Katie Aselton. Σεν./Scr.: Mark Duplass, Katie Aselton. Φωτ./Cin.: Hillary Spera. Μοντ./Ed.: Jacob Vaughan. Μουσ./Mus.: Ben Lovett. Ηθ./Cast: Katie Aselton, Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell, Will Bouvier. Παρ./Prod.: Adele Romanski. Διάρκεια/Dur.: 83΄.

Three childhood friends set aside their personal issues and reunite for a  weekend on a remote island off the coast of Maine. On the island, they run into a guy they used to know and two of his military buddies. Everyone has a few drinks. Things go too far. Before long, the girls are fighting for their lives on an island where there is nowhere to hide.

black rock4