Ado Kyrou retrospective

Η κατατρόπωση
(La déroute)

Γαλλία, 1958, μ&α
Σκην.: Άδωνις Κύρου. Σεν.: Victor Hugo (βιβλίο), Άδωνις Κύρου. Φωτ.: Maurice Barry. Μοντ.: Henri Colpi, Jasmine Chasney. Μουσ.: André Souris. Αφηγ.: Jean Servais. Παρ.: Societe des Films d’ Art et de Culture. Διάρκεια: 14΄.

A film based on a well structured script -in direct relation to Hugo’s point of view- concerning the battle of Waterloo. A reminiscent of how Napoleon’s disaster evolved and a presentation of the ridiculous commercial exploitation of this historical Belgian site.


Η κόμη
(La chevelure)

Γαλλία, 1960, μ&α
Σκην.: Άδωνις Κύρου. Σεν.: Guy de Maupassant (βιβλίο), Άδωνις Κύρου. Φωτ.: Oleg Tourjansky. Μοντ.: Sylvie Blanc. Μουσ.: L'homme-orchestre . Ηθ.: Michel Piccoli, Eric Losfeld. Παρ.: Elysées Relations Cinématographiques. Διάρκεια: 19΄.

Based on the homonymous short story by Guy de Mopasan and starring Michel Piccoli, the film approaches from a surreal point of view, the hero’s fetishist exaltation about a woman’s hair which he discovers in an old wardrobe.

La chevelure 2

Ένας τίμιος άνθρωπος
(Un honnête homme)

Γαλλία, 1962, μ&α
Σκην.: Άδωνις Κύρου. Σεν.: Louis Bessières. Φωτ.: Άδωνις Κύρου. Μοντ.: J.P. Rousseau. Μουσ.: Jean Servais. Αφηγ.: Roger Coggio, Jean Barelly. Παρ.: Societe des Films d’ Art et de Culture. Διάρκεια: 10΄.

Poetically putting together a set of Belle Époque cards, Kyrou reconstructs the life of Jean Barn- touar turning into a thief against his will. Irony and originality distinguish the solid rhymes of this project which was awarded the Louis Lumière prize in 1963.


Ο καιρός των δολοφόνων
(Le temps des assassins)

Γαλλία, 1962, μ&α
Σκην.: Άδωνις Κύρου. Σεν.: Άδωνις Κύρου, Jean Vigne, Vercors (κείμενο). Φωτ.: Άδωνις Κύρου. Μουσ.: Léon Algazzi. Αφηγ.: Michel Piccoli. Διάρκεια: 14΄.

Using film footage from the period between 1930 and 1945 and based on a text by Verkor (known for “The Silence of the Sea”) this documentary focuses on Nazism’s racial demagoguery and its effects in Europe.

Το ιδανικό παλάτι
(Le palais idéal)

Γαλλία, 1958, μ&α
Σκην.: Άδωνις Κύρου. Σεν.: Άδωνις Κύρου, Ferdinand Cheval (βιβλίο). Φωτ.: Jean Gonnet, Pierre Mandrin. Μουσ.: André Hodeir. Αφηγ.: Gaston Modot. Παρ.: Laurence Film Entreprise de Productions Cinématographiques. Διάρκεια: 14΄.

A trip to the spectacular architectural work that the postman Seval (1836-1924) completed, stone by stone, during a period of 33 years at the French village Hauterives and which celebrates 100 years from its completion. For this unique naif art masterpiece, which has always fascinated the Surrealists, Kyrou chooses texts from Seval itself, read by Gaston Mod.