Les abysses

Οι άβυσσοι
(Les abysses)

Γαλλία, 1963, μ&α
Σκην.: Νίκος Παπατάκης. Σεν.: Jean Vauthier. Φωτ.: Jean-Michel Boussaguet. Μοντ.: Edwige Bernard, Denise de Casabianca, Pascale Laverrière. Μουσ.: Pierre Barbaud. Ηθ.: Francine Bergé, Colette Bergé, Pascal de Boysson, Paul Bonifas, Colette Régis. Παρ.: Lenox Films. Διάρκεια: 96΄.

Two sisters, working as maids in an isolated farmhouse, aren’t paid due to the economic downturn of their bosses. The announcement of the house’s sale make them snap out of control into pure insanity, slaughtering their employers, their mistress and her daughter. Les Abysses, which was the official French selection at the Cannes Film Festival, caused controversial reactions and was analyzed by many French intellectuals.


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