Adam's Apples

Adam's Apples

Denmark-Germany, 2005, col.

Dir.: Anders Thomas Jensen. Scr.: Anders Thomas Jensen. Cin.: Sebastian Blenkov. Ed.: Anders Villadsen. Mus.: Jeppe Kaas. Cast: Ulrich Thomsen, Mads Mikkelsen, Nicolas Bro. Prod.: M&M Productions, August Film & TV GmbH . Dur.: 94΄.

Black comedy about a neo-nazi sentenced to community service. To be reformed he is sent to a remote church in the fields, where he meets the wildly optimistic priest Ivan and where he takes care of an apple tree. In the church he meets the kleptomaniac Gunnar, the angry Afghan Khalid who’s robbing gas stations and the depressed, pregnant Sarah. While they all collide, the apples on the trees are rotting.