Melegin düsüsü


Turkey, Greece, 2005, col.

Dir.: Semih Kaplanoglou. Scr.: Semih Kaplanoglou. Cin.: Eyüp Boz. Ed.: Suzan Hande Güneri, Ayhan Ergürsel, Semih Kaplanoglou. Mus.: Edvard Grieg. Cast: Tülin Özen, Budak Akalin, Musa Karagöz, Engin Dogan. Prod.: Semih Kaplanoglou. Dur.: 98΄.

Zeynep lives at home with her father. During the day she works at a local hotel and at night she has to put up with her sexually abusive and unpredictably violent father. At the hotel, another youngster, Mustafa, clumsily takes an interest in her and the stirrings of a friendship begin.

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