Death of a Man in the Balkans

Death of a man in the Balkans

Serbia, 2012, col.

Dir.: Miroslav Momcilovic. Scr.: Miroslav Momcilovic. Cin: Miladin Colakovic. Ed.: Ivan Vladimirov. Mus.: Aleksandar Kovacevic, Predrag Sarovic. Cast: Emir Hadzihafizbegovic, Radoslav Milenkovic, Natasa Ninkovic, Ljubomir Bandovic. Prod: Miroslav Momcilovic. Dur.: 80΄.

In the opening scene of this black comedy, a man commits suicide in his apartment by shooting himself on the head. During the rest of the film, the neighbors gather in the apartment, talking about the man’s sexuality, on the possibility that the suicide will affect the rent of the apartments, etc. In one unbroken shot and in real time, the movie breaks down the Balkan mentality, with an eccentric sense of humor and sharp dialogue.

 Death of a Man in the balkans



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