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Spectres are haunting Europe (Φαντάσματα πλανιούνται πάνω από την Ευρώπη)

Spectres are haunting Europe (Φαντάσματα πλανιούνται πάνω από την Ευρώπη)

Maria Kourkouta, Niki Giannari - Greece, France - 2016 - col.

Director, Screenplay: Maria Kourkouta, Niki Giannari 

 Cinematographer: Maria Kourkouta | Editor: Maria Kourkouta, Qutaiba Barhamji | Music: Lena Platonos

Producers:  Maria Kourkouta, Carine Chichkowsky | Production: Survivance | Running Time: 99'


The daily life of refugees (Syrian, Kurdish, Pakistani, Afghani, and other) in the camp of Idomeni. Refugees waiting in queues for food, supplies and medical care; waiting to cross the border between Greece and North Macedonia. One day, Europe closes its borders for them once and for all. The "residents" of Idomeni decide, in their turn, to occupy the train tracks, blocking the trains that carry goods across the border.


Maria Kourkouta and Niki Giannari, the directors of the documentary went to Idomeni, along with hundreds of other volunteers, in order to encourage and help these people during their long wait...''In a place where the only thing you see, are thousands of people waiting in lines for 24 hours a day. There was nothing to do but record the wait itself, above all as a temporary condition. We are aware that this part of the film might be difficult for the viewer, but for us, their feet, the steps, the small gestures, the broken shoes... All of these details are images that tell thousands of little stories about the people and populations of today, but also those of the past and the future, be it in Idomeni or in other corners of the world.", as Maria Kourkouta stated.


The documentary won the Best World Documentary Award in the Opus Bonum section of the 20th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.




Selected Filmography:

Return to Aeolus Street (Επιστροφή στην οδό Αιόλου) (2013) (short)
Prelude 02 - 07 (Πρελούδιο)  (2010) (Documentary short)




"Spectres are haunting Europe" is her directorial debut.


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