34th Panorama of European Cinema


34th-Panorama-Poster-no-logosFrom Thursday 27/1 to Wednesday 2/2, the 34th Panorama of European Cinema gives its established, annual appointment with the cinephile public, online on the CINESQUARE platform, with free access to a total of 34 films and tributes to Greek and European cinema, but also the established awards of the festival.

This year's program includes the established International Competition Section, tributes to the Bad Girls of Film Noir, and director Stavros Tsiolis, special screenings and short films

The festival takes place Under the Auspices and with the Financial Support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and with the support of City of Athens Cultural, Sport & Youth Organization (OPANDA).

"The continuation of the pandemic, with the culmination of the Omicron mutation, unfortunately forces us, for the second time, to organize this year, the 34th Panorama of European Cinema online, giving as last year the opportunity to the cinema-loving public of Greece (and not only Athens), to watch and enjoy its various screenings.

Screenings that, as in the past, cover a wide range of European - together, always, and Greek - cinema, without setting aside the rest. With Greek, new and old, films covering a large part of it: from the Competition Section, which is its main part, to the tributes.

With the hope to return soon to the cinemas, we are waiting for you from January 27th to February 2nd to discover together not only what is new about the always innovative European cinema (from which the rest of the cinema draws and continues to be influenced from) but also aspects from its always fascinating history."

Ninos Fenek Mikelidis
Art director


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